Best purchase in 2013 so far(all the way from U.S. of A.!) + a few family portrait’s.

Art prints from The Punk Loons are on sale(finally.!) -

Piki with a quick portrait of him.

Piki with a quick portrait of him.

Etching days May-June. (last pic is lino print I did at home) all photographed with Nokia N8 and edited on Molome.

in progress.

am workin’ on a new project for the upcoming exhibition, “Bi” now. We’re told to use only two colours on this exhibit and it’s Pink and Green. Yeh, not my fave colour combination but…so far so good. These are hand drawn wi’ coloured pencils/pen and then scanned, digitally ‘modified’. There are two more drawings to go, but I might end up wi’ two Sutch(s) for the final piece. Will try lino cut the hair instead of a digital touch, which would look great on already printed drawings giving a slight 3D feeling.

This must be the last chippies of five or six around my place(the ones in 2 mile radius, so you can just walk up there to get some whenever yer needin’ urgent chips-shot.!) and it was good. A bit dry, but was good. I love soggy+greasy chips. But it was good, all in all chips are chips. Totts ROKK.

O and I saw that wee ‘squeezy-pod’ type of ketchup - there were vinegar/mayo/garlic mayo but NAE BROON SAUCE.! :-( - for the first time there. Same ketchup but much easier to squeeze sauce all over yer chips, scampies, pies, cod or whatever you want to cover it with those artificial goodness. I’d have been happier if they had brown sauce, but well…..

SO, these are the prints I’ve done at the five-week-litho workshop. It was a tremendous fun, I made so many mistakes that made me panicked, felt embarrassed o’ masel’, but hey learnin’ takes time.! Lithography involved with a lot of different names of chemicals and it IS very time consuming. I’ve become very interested in the process of it now, will do more when the next term starts.

The first (cheeky) b+w print was done nicely, although I forgot it was a relief printing process. will never make the same mistake again.! I love my colourful Celtic Goat(s). They’ll be on sale soon online.

We’re currently havin’ a Easter break(a.k.a. SPRRRRING BREAK.!), but as usual, it’s not really a break since we all have loads to do. 4 to 6 page comix and 2,000 word essay all need to be submitted by the end of break(15th of April). Great. Anyway, I’ve been rather lazy for the last two weeks, and finally got my arse in gear, did some work over the weekend. Here are a couple o’ sneak peaks, some sketches for the upcomin’ comix “The Black Widow”.

* see other work on my comix blog :

Litho experience.

I’ve been doin’ a 5-week-lithography session lately. It was organised by Peter(one of our tutors) to let us have a rare printing opportunity and am enjoyin’ it a lot.

We spent the first day by doin’ a b&w print with random drawings, gettin’ us used to the material and process(although I still get so confused when handlin’ chemicals.!) I did a cheeky V with even cheekier sayin’ but it turned out I didn’t think this was relief printing, means I need to invert the typos when drawin’ em on the plate(or stone). I’ve made 4 or 5 prints in the end after 5 proof printings(on newspaper).

The rest of the session was a three colour printing experience. My chosen drawing was the celtic goat(or goot) I’ve done a while ago as a part of study for the other project. It didn’t come out exactly like the original drawing, but I like it being all properly printed on bigger paper sheets.

Proof printing before inking up the colour.

First colour - Yellow.

Doodlin’ while waitin’ for the plate dryin’ up.

I must have done something wrong when gummin’ the plate up. It became all smudgy when I was doin’ the third printing, it looks okay, though it’d become messier if I inked up again for the other two prints. So we decided to erase it with white spirit and gum it again. 

Since the time ran out on the day I went for the extra session on Friday to finish up red printing. I used Victory etch to prepare the plate and while doin’ the process, I managed to remove almost all the messy/smudgy bits. 

So this was the result…I fucked up a bit by printing it onto a NEW paper not the ones I printed the yellow plate, but overall the prints came out ok.

This is the last colour plate - Blue. It’s waiting for me in the studio, all gummed up and dried, for tomorrow’s last litho session. Will share it when I get my prints on Friday. :-)