There’s a new documentary about Vampira coming out soon, and since this is purely being done by an individual who admires Maila Nurmi so much, he needs our help to get the film premiered in LA which would be fantastic, and also a big achievement for the director AND Vampira herself.

Please support this project by donating/re-blogging this post OR BOTH, if you’re a fan of Vampira, or any indie art/subculture scenes. She was one of the pioneers of goth/punk/horror themed art and she will always be.


When my remarkable friend Maila Nurmi died in 2008, she hadn’t achieved one of the principle goals of her later life, which was to tell her own story fully, sympathetically and in a manner that acknowledged the distinctions between the cult icon Vampira and the complex and in some ways more fragile revolutionary beneath. At the height of our friendship during the 1990s, I captured much of her story, both during our extensive luncheon conversations and in a long and extraordinarily intimate on camera interview, fully covering her life and career. 

This film is my attempt to honestly show Maila’s life both as she wanted it displayed, and also from my own close but alternate perch of observation. It’s a work of love, and I hope also a work of honesty and clarity.

VAMPIRA AND ME has been made with the full support of Maila’s estate and the kind encouragement of her niece Sandra Niemi as well as others who were close to her. The film contains a wealth of archival material that has never been seen before, including some amazing and newly discovered kinescope footage of Maila as Vampira that was restored and remastered for this project, and which rewrites and broadens her legacy. Some of that rare footage is featured in the trailer on this page, where it can be seen publicly for the first time in 57 years.

As Maila herself told me, in 1954, when she began her career as the original TV horror host, it was time for a revolution, and Vampira was one of the early missiles fired off. Vampira launched gothic style as we know it today, offered women a riveting icon of strength and sensuality in a time that worshipped female passivity, and became a permanent touchstone for rebels, outcasts and misfits—one that lives on to this day.

Vampira mattered back then. She still does now. 

And it’s a hell of a story, one I’ve done my best to honor.

VAMPIRA AND ME is almost completed, and will hopefully receive its world premiere this summer in Los Angeles. Premiering in L.A. is important to me, as part of the karmic debt I feel I owe Maila. It’s the Hollywood premiere Maila never got in life, for a film where Maila is indisputably the star. 

Small or large, your contribution will help make all of that happen.

Thanks for considering this, and viva Vampira!

The Impact

It’s my hope that VAMPIRA AND ME will rewrite American cultural history a little bit to make more space for Maila and what she achieved, As Vampira, Maila was a major broadcast pioneer, but she was also a lot more. Her friendships with icons like James Dean, Elvis Presley and even Liberace show what an early member she was of a new cultural tribe—the rebels, who were working out a fresh lexicon for personal freedom, sometimes at great personal cost. I see Maila as an inspirational figure, a cautionary tale about the perils of celebrity, and a role model who changed the parameters for everybody. 

Vampira is already a lasting icon who doesn’t need my help to be remembered. But Maila was so remarkable, and her story is such an unbelievable epic of triumph and tragedy, that getting to know her more fully can only help sustain what she achieved.

And I loved her. So I want the woman to be remembered, as well as the character.

What We Need & What You Get

This project has been in production for two years, funded entirely by its makers. Retirement accounts have been depleted, paying gigs have been turned down, and debts have been incurred. 

The good news is that we are very close to completed—this project WILL get there. But there are a whole range of expenses remaining, including hirings for standard contractual and legal processes, a full professional color timing session, music recording sessions, and additional post-production sound work on a state-of-the-art mixing stage. We have already done major restoration work on film and audio elements that have never been circulated previously, but there is still more to do. And as VAMPIRA AND ME gets closer to its world premiere, there will likely be some moderate promotional expenses to meet.

We’re in a pivotal stage, and your contribution will make a critical difference.

In exchange, and with the kind permission of Maila’s estate, we are offering some truly one-of-a-kind collectable premiums, including an eight card VAMPIRA AND ME lobby card set, created using rare and in some cases uncirculated images of Maila and Vampira that will be signed and numbered by the film’s director. Tickets to the premiere and after party are also available, and all contributors will be thanked in the film credits.

Other Ways You Can Help

In the trailer for VAMPIRA AND ME, we’ve included two clips of Maila as Vampira on the George Gobel show in 1955. The kinsecope this material was drawn from was bought at auction by this project, and then carefully restored and transferred to create a new full high-definition master. 

These images have not been seen publicly for over 57 years, and have probably never been seen with so much clarity. They are as rare as rare can be. 

If you’re a fan of Maila and Vampira, or of gothic or popular culture, we hope you’ll circulate this rare material and the trailer that houses it by linking to this page as a way of letting the world know about our campaign. “

- R.H. Greene the director of Vampira and Me

"I’m coming to get you, Alice.!"
scanned foto from the book The Man Who Was Screaming Lord Sutch by Graham Sharpe.

"I’m coming to get you, Alice.!"

scanned foto from the book The Man Who Was Screaming Lord Sutch by Graham Sharpe.

Pingu’s fear of heights.

Well the other day we went for a walk to Sydenham Hill park and Pingu came along. He was being a pain several times moaning about the weather and asking “Are we there yet.?” “I am hungry.! Can we stop here and eat.?(But there was no food for Pingu…)” etc, etc. So when we discovered this “ruined church”, which we think it was built to look that way in Vic era, I did something that finally shut his wee beaky mouf.

Can you find Pingu.?

Oh, there he is.

"NOOT NOOT.! Wanna go down.!"

Yes, he doesn’t like heights at all. We had a big lunch after all this adventures. Pingu had his first baked beans that day…

The story of his adventure on a page of his first ever book(will post soon.!)

Pingu loves his photo so much he used to sleep with it.

Pingu loves his photo so much he used to sleep with it.

Tardigrade(Water bear).

Water bear in moss

C006/9728 Rights Managed

Caption: Water bear (Macrobiotus sapiens) in moss. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a water bear in its active state. Water bears (or tardigrades) are tiny invertebrates that live in aquatic and semi-aquatic habitats such as lichen and damp moss. They require water to obtain oxygen by gas exchange. In dry conditions, they can enter a cryptobiotic state of dessication, known as a tun, to survive. In this state, water bears can survive for up to a decade. This species was found in moss samples from Croatia. It feeds on plant and animal cells. Water bears are found throughout the world, including regions of extreme temperature, such as hot springs, and extreme pressure, such as deep underwater. They can also survive the high levels of radiation and vacuum of space. Magnification: x500 when printed 10cm wide.

Just came across this wonderful wee creature today on tumblr search. I am surprised that I never had seen it before since I am a big fan of moss.! Time to take my portable microscope to fields…


A song from the one of my fave JB films, Nacho Libre, has been stuck in my head all the time since last week. I love his singing more than acting. (He should do more Tenacious D stuff.!)


Seeing those vibrant colours makes me think this film might have influenced on the use of colours of my work. Hmm…


I am still struggling and finding it so hard about the written assignment we all have to hand in this Tues. I don’t even know if I’m gonna make it or not. So, though I haven’t written a word yet, I had to cool down my brain with some music I love.

Music, especially R’n’R has always been my life. I’ve listened to many great, inspiring songs and admired lots of talented musicians.

It eventually made me DO music a few years back. Though I’m currently ‘resting’ my hands and throat for more important things to do, I still love music more than painting/illustration/design pieces. Who knows, I may not be an illustrator, but a musician in the end. I’d love to combine those two and have my colony of Kreations “DOPPELHERZ” set sail to the world though.

There’re hundreds of musicians I adore/respect, but a few of them really got me spiritually. The first musician I ever was so impressed and made me imagine beautiful things was Enya. I was only ten back then, but was so into her music I bought her tape spending all my pennies for my mum’s birthday - actually I was the one who always played the tape with my walkman and my mum got furious saying “You didn’t buy this for my birthday did you.?!”.

This Finnish band, Children of Bodom is the one of those bands which have been inspiring me ever since I discovered ‘heavy metal’. Their music actually take me those forests and lakes in Finland although I’ve never been there except a few days at Helsinki.

And this Industrial band, Nine Inch Nails was a BIG discovery and got me shocked more than when I first bought and listened Marilyn Manson’s the most controversial album ‘Mechanical Animals’ in 1999.


Fantastic live. 

Bill Bailey.

Watched his latest tour “Dandelion Mind” filmed in Dublin. Fkkn amazingly talented guy. Always the best.! :-)

Feel sorry he ended up buying a car because of French frogs’ fucked up trains (+ash fog over the eu last year), but isn’t that a beauty.! Great cover too. I really dig that instrument made of ol’ car horns.!


Gary Glitter.

No matter what everyone says about him - he’s a nut case + paedophile - I love Mr. Glitter. I never thought that ‘paedophile theory’ was true any way.

No one makes music like this any more. In fact, no one has such a strong imaginary on their music like people did in the 70-80’s. That’s a part of the reasons I’ve stopped going to Camden Town last year. You wouldn’t see any alternatives there except millions of tourists and same kinds of boring shops selling fake punk/gothic stuff.

Like Lemmy said,
"Probably hundreds and thousands of people wear Motorhead t-shirts but they wouldn’t know what the name means."

For me, the fact a souvenir shop is selling Motorhead (and many other ‘cliche’ bands) tees was pretty shocking. Don’t you think.?

And why the hell no one makes a movie dedicating Girlschool.?! They’re much better than Runaways.!
(I do like Runaways, but don’t think they were so great - especially don’t really enjoy Joan Jett’s big ego thing going around there.)

Moan, moan, moan.

When snow falls in the UK.

You get no tubes, trains, buses. Or you must freeze yerself to death waiting at platforms and bus stops for hrs. Welcome to Britain.

Seriously, it’s getting worse and worse every fkkn winter. Do our clock go backward.? Is this really happening in the ‘modern’ city.? I’m asking you Boris.