River Thames. June 2012.

Spring in Wood Vale. I miss sunny days we’ve had until last week.!

A foggy day at the cemetery.

It was one very foggy day, strangely, and very abnormally it continued until evening. I generally love watching fog and mist, so it was a good chance for me to take some shots while I was travelling between the college and my flat.

The view of the cemetery nearby my flat which I see nearly every day while waiting for a bus. It is quite big, will take you around half an hour to look around. Some might say living near ‘coffins’ is creepy, but for me this is one of favourite places in my town. So calm, yet so alive. 

This is a blackberry tree(or, rather bush.?). It gets a lot of blackberries from late Spring to Autumn. I always collect some on the way back home whenever I see them, though it doesn’t seem to be edible. (You need to be very careful with berries as some can be deadly.! Plus, blackberries have various different species…)

These were edible, or less poisonous.? I had them at the military show in Devon two years ago - there were so many blackberry+hazelnut trees.! The only difference is that those blackberries attracted a lot of flies whilst the ones in my town don’t seem to… Those hazelnuts were not ripe yet, but it had a kind of milky flavour.

This is the main gate of the cemetery, it was taken at nearly 18.00 so it got a bit darker, but you see the fog is still there…

London’s been famous for being full of crows(+ravens) everywhere since Vic era. My town’s miles away from London, but still we’ve got loads of them.

These kind of ‘unmaintained’ graves make me a bit sad. Probably the families/relatives are not alive any more, or they moved out to other countries. This cemetery’s over 200 years old, so you’ll find a lot of these here and there. Especially, there’s a large section in the forest, which looks really cool to me, and they look totally forgotten. 

This friend stayed there for a while so I could get good shots of him.

Daffodils are blooming everywhere… even in the graveyard.! 


Went to Brighton with Venus last Sunday. I’ve desperately needed a sea-therapy for the last few weeks, to breath in some fresh salty air and also freshen up myself. I was so happy to see the sea again. The weather was surprisingly good - was warm and sunny all day.! - and I took loads of photos with my camera(s).

I brought three cameras to the trip - Pentax P50(35mm), Canon G10(digital) and Fuji Instax wide(polaroid). It WAS hard to carry them, but I really enjoyed taking pictures there. Overall I took 3 rolls of 35mm, several of digital and some good polaroid pics. Now I’ve got 8 films in total to send for a development…and scan ‘em into digital files. Work, work, work.

Went to Veggie cafe and got VERY disappointed by such a hippie attitude from the server, though the burgers were okay. I wanted to have a veggiewurst but they said it’s out of stock for a while. Also had to go out finding an atm machine which took me 10 min to find because the fkkn hippie was too stoned to get me a right info. I hate hippies. Really it’s because of their ‘I don’t care about anything but myself’ attitude and ‘got nothing to do but getting stoned and having some free-sex’ or ‘I love peace and we’re all friends’ bullshit. Their hypocritical side would soon appear when there’s a thought that they’d get no advantage of anything - love & peace my arse.

Am not just pissed off because they looked like hippies. Seriously, why wouldn’t you put a sign “CASH ONLY PLEASE” or something on the door.? And how could you be that lazy not being bothered correcting the menu that there’ll be NO veggiewurst or, even remove it from the menu.? We’ve seen more than four people had to change the menu because they’ve not got fkkn veggiewurst and couldn’t even bothered to put a notice for it.

We found a good-classical-looking diner in another place, so we’ll go there next time. Actually there were so many veggie restaurants I was so surprised. Even we saw the sign on the wall of the pub saying “Vegetarian Fish&Chips” .?!! I am SO curious what it would be. Never had a fish-related dish made out of soya protein or so for veggies in my life.! Well, 8 and half quid for just fish&chips was a bit extravaganza for us, so it’s postponed to next visit.

The pier got a more interesting view when the lights were on. I regret I forgot to use cross filter which I brought for night scenes.

And I was a penny-whistler in the windy windy beach that night. It was so hard to play even a note because of the wind, but was a jolly fun. Venus took some pics of me playing it so we’ll see how I’d look there. :-)